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4 Simple Tips to Get a Healthier Skin

Does your dry skin make you look older than your real age? Does your dry skin causing skin diseases that you feel embarrassed about? It’s not too late and you can do something about it. Forget overpriced treatments and medications, try these simple tips to rejuvenate your skin.

Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Other than increase the risk of skin cancer, UV rays can also enhance early aging, wrinkles, freckles, and dry skin especially on the face. Avoid doing activities under the sun between 10 am – 4 pm, because it is the highest intensity of UVA or UVB, which has damaging components to the skin, reaching the earth. Always use sunscreen or hat to shield your skin from UV light. Since UVA penetrates glass, install tinted UV-protective shades to your car windows, as well as the house and place of work.

Stop Smoking!

Smoking decreases the blood flow due to the narrowing of small blood vessels below the skin. This happens when the toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, nicotine, and ammonia enter the bloodstream and form plaques on the blood vessel’s wall. This will make the skin lose oxygen supply and vitamin A that are very important for skin health and may result in a darker skin color to yellowish grey. Collagen and elastin fibers which are responsible for the skin’s firmness and smoothness will also lose its function due to the damage from smoking. Being constantly exposed to smoke also causes the skin to become dry. It clearly causes the skin to suffer, look dull, and not healthy.

Be Gentle to the Skin

Being exposed to sun rays or showering with hot water can reduce the natural oil on the body which is essential for skin moisture and resulting in skin dryness. Lower the water temperature and avoid soap and other bath products that have strong fragrant. Use a mild soap and shampoo to keep the skin moist and soft.

Always use shaving foam or gel when shaving and change the razor blades frequently, because dull blades may harm your skin and causing cuts or razor bumps. Avoid doing laundry with hard detergents. If necessary, always wear a pair of rubber gloves when doing housework involving chemical products. These irritants may cause allergic reaction and result in skin rash or other skin diseases.

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Healthy Diet

Healthy food leads to healthy body. Nutritional food will give beneficial essence to the skin to keep it healthy. Drink enough water daily, especially when you work out or sweat more. Eat 2 handfuls of green vegetables every day to balance the body’s need for fibers. Try to add more healthy fat into your diet menu. Eat 1 – 2 spoonful of flaxseed powder or oil daily and consume fish 2 – 3 times a week.

For lunch and dinner, fill half of the plate with salad or low-calories vegetables and another half with carbohydrate and proteins. Just remember, food is your fuel, so don’t get to obsessive with your diet and miss a meal. Also, balance the diet with exercise frequently. Enough exercise is great for the skin because it increase the blood circulation and detoxify the skin cells, resulting in brighter skin.

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