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The Best Tips on How to Write a Best Man Speech

Being a best man is definitely a true honor but then most of them don’t really know where to start when it comes to how to write a best man speech. One of the responsibilities of becoming a best man is to deliver a meaningful and sweet speech. It doesn’t have to be spectacular or overly long – it should nail it. However, if you have been to many weddings, you will see that many supposed-to-be speeches are turning into nightmares – mostly because of the combination of booze and unprepared situation. Some speeches are only drunken slurred words that make it awkward, while some may be overly long that makes everyone bored.

First Thing First

If you have been chosen as a best man, the best thing to do is to get prepared. And here are some of the things that you can do to be prepared. First of all, put yourself in the audience’s shoes. What do you want to know about the groom? What are the things that most people don’t know about his good quality? You can start from there. So, instead of thinking that you are a speaker, think about what you want to know about the groom – not focusing on what you want to do.

And then focus on the newlyweds. You are in a marriage, which means that it is a relationship between the groom and the bride. So, if you only focus on your bromance relationship, it may be awkward. You can share both of your experience together in relation to his relationship with his bride. For instance, “I know Darren for a long time and how picky he can be. But with Alice, I know it is love at first sight, especially since he always has this weird sparkle in his eyes whenever he talks about her.” There. You’ve nailed it.

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What’s Next?

Moreover, it is okay to share your feelings. Men usually think that they should make funny speech to cover up their feeling. But it is actually OKAY to share your own feeling – how proud you are or how happy you are that your best friend has found the love of his life, and so on. Don’t exclude your feeling. No need to worry; it won’t make you look weak. But don’t overdo it either because it will make everything weird.

Another important point on how to write a best man speech is that the speech shouldn’t be too long – or you will start losing everyone’s attention. In general, speeches should be around 3 minutes. That’s the acceptable time. The longest one should be 5 minutes. It should be the maximum time limit.

And make sure that you make something positive. Remember that the audience will be coming from different areas, cultures, and probably customs. It would be wise to keep the topic appropriate. Talking about how many ex-girlfriends or the failed previous engagement to another girl is definitely a big no. Say good things about him and how his relationship will make him even a better man.

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It isn’t easy to write a speech so ask for a second (or even third) opinion after you write it. It will give you ideas whether you can proceed with it or revise it. If you know how to write a best man speech properly, you can make a memorable impact to them both.

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