how to find out someone’s birthday

How to Find out Someone’s Birthday for a Sweet Surprise

If you are about to make something special for someone’s birthday, you need to know how to find out someone’s birthday. You will have to find a legit information about one’s born day and especially what that person likes or dislikes. Why don’t you ask them by yourself? Well, you can’t necessarily do so if you are planning a surprise party, can you? Or you probably want to do something nice, like inviting his/her parents knowing that they haven’t seen each other for quite a while. No need to worry. There are several effective ways that you can try while maintaining your secrecy.

Ways to Find One’s Birthday

So, how to find out someone’s birthday? Well, the easiest way is to hit their social media. Most people would be open about their personal information – info about their birthday is included. So, it doesn’t hurt to check their Facebook account. You should head to About, and then go to Overview to check the information. Another way is to check  Events and the Upcoming Birthdays sections. If they have included this info, your search is done. But if they haven’t included their birthday info, then you need to figure out another way.

If you and your friend live in the same city, and you often go to his/her place, it doesn’t hurt to find the info when you go there. Most people would include the information about themselves on their calendar, so check their calendar. You should make an excuse to stay in the kitchen in order to find out the information. Be mindful, though, this method only works if you know each other quite well and both of you have visited one another quite often. If this friend is someone you know online or you have never met before, it would be weird to insist coming to his/her house.

Other Alternative Ways

There are still other ways to find out one’s born day information.

  • You can call your mutual friends. Mutual friends are people that both you and your friend know. You need to start making a list of who both of you know and then call them. Of course, don’t forget to tell them not to tell your friend that you have been asking around.
  • You can also try Google or the DuckDuckGo. This method is especially effective if your friend works online or has social media presence. You only need to provide information about that person’s name and city. If you are using this method, you may get links to other accounts on social media, public records, or personal website.
  • You can also try performing public records search. You can either go to the local public record office or try the site like Zabasearch. Be advised that this method isn’t free – you will have to spend some to get the information.
  • You should try birthdatabase. As the name suggests, this website has a wide database covering 120 million of people. You only need to visit the site, provide the full name, and search. Don’t be surprised if you get a long list of people, but it is worth the shot.

As you can see, you have many options – not only limited to one. There is no need to get confused if you know some ways of how to find out someone’s birthday and give them a sweet surprise.

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