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Dry Skin Rash Can Be Cured Completely – Secrets Revealed

Among various kinds of skin problem, dry skin rash is often assumed as the most annoying one. Once you suffer from this skin disease, the urge to scratch will be over-the-top. There seems to be no minute goes by without any scratching. Then, it is not all. Skin rash will also make the sufferer lose the confidence. Without a doubt, the area where the rash is attacking will be so ugly. It is in pinkish red color and sometimes it is quite wet.

Imagine if you have such condition on your face. What a nightmare! When you go to the doctor, as a matter of fact, it is not really that helping. Even though you can get some medications and ointment to take care of the eczema (some doctors call skin rash that way), you need to rely on those treatments during your lifetime. What a terrible treatments indeed because it means you can never cure this skin problem completely.

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Well, you must know that I understand it very much because I suffered from dry skin rash and I had got it since I was a little kid. Like the other people, I also went to the doctor and I needed to start counting on the medications as well as ointment ever since. Whenever I forgot to take the medications or apply the ointment, on the next day, skin rash appeared again. But I believe, every disease must have its cure. We just only need to find it somehow.

If you notice it, I used past tense in expressing my suffering from dry skin rash which means that I DO NOT HAVE IT ANYMORE! Thanks to God, I do not need to take the medications and apply the ointment anymore because the skin rash has gone! And more importantly, I’d really love to share what I did to make it all possible.

No More Urge to Scratch!

I figured that dry skin rash is actually related to our eating habit. To be exact, it is closely related indeed. It only took me two days to realize that there were changes on the rash skin after I started my so-called eczema diet menu and after a couple of weeks, the dry skin rash was completely gone. To be honest, I found this method incidentally. At first, I just wanted to start my eating habit but I figured out that what I did is good for the skin too. I kept on doing it and finally, without any of my consideration, the urge to scratch has gone.

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Make Your Kitchen Free from Junk Foods

What I did first is to throw away all junk foods from my fridge. Like we all know, junk foods contain many chemicals, and I found that that such chemicals were always bad for the health and I believe it also does the same thing to the skin. Anything I found packed in boxes, containers and packets were thrown away. Yes, step number one: make your kitchen free from junk foods.

Start Consuming Raw Foods

Then, you can start applying the next method and it is all about eating or consuming raw foods. What I mean here is to consume raw vegetables and fruits as many as possible. The nutrients contained in those foods are so fantastic for the health. Some minerals will also be great for the health of the skin as well. Thus, it should do something with the skin rash one way or another.

Consume Vitamin A, C, and E

Third, consuming vitamin which is good for both the body and the skin is necessary. Vitamin A, C, and E should be the top priorities. Consuming the supplements to contain certain mineral would be great too. There are so many supplements out there to give you supply of omega 3 and omega 6 which will do good things to your skin.

Time for Superfoods!

The last step is to make your diet contains superfoods. I call them superfoods because of the super nutrients contained. Take the example of Aloe Vera, green algae, and white grass juice. For your information, those superfoods have enzymes and nutrients which might not be able to be earned from the other foods. To get those superfoods, you can simply go to the health store.

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What happened to me then? Like what I have said before, it just took two days before I found that the reddish skin was vanishing and the temptation to keep scratching the skin was reducing. Then, I realized that it is totally better to overcome dry skin rash from the inside rather than from the outside like to use the ointment. Well, I couldn’t say anything to express how grateful I am. After all these long years, I finally am able to say goodbye to the skin rash. Hopefully, you can also find the same result like I did after applying the methods above. Have a nice try!

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