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Transforming Dry Skin Rash by Changing Your Food

If you suffer from a skin rash, you can try to heal and transform it. One way that you can try is by changing the foods you eat every day. Why food? It is because the reason why you get dry skin rash is toxemia and deficiency. Therefore, your food plays an important role in preventing skin rash, since it will supply nutrients to your body, including your skin.

Now, what is toxemia? Toxemia is a condition where your body contains a lot of toxins inside. How can our body contains toxins? There are many reasons behinds it. One of the reasons is because of the food we eat. When we eat impure or unnatural food, or food that is already processed or contains chemical substances, the toxins will be formed and accumulated inside our body.

If you eat good and healthy food regularly, the amounts of toxins will decrease. It will make the body easier to get rid of the toxins and thus, to absorb nutrients that your body needs. This will result in good health, including healthy skin.

What about deficiency? Deficiency is a condition when your body is not nourished well. This is because the body doesn’t get all the nutrients it needs. The deficiency may be caused by improper diet, in which you don’t eat the right types and amount of food. When you don’t eat the right food, your digestive area will become stuffed with bad substances and will result in many health problems. On the other hand, when you eat the right food, your body will get the right nutrients. This means that your body will have better immune system and can heal any problems quickly.

To transform your skin rash by changing your food, here are some easy tips on managing the food you eat.

Get Rid of the Chemicals

To reach a good diet and improve your skin health, try to get rid of any chemicals from your food. Alcohol and tobacco should be eliminated as well. Maybe, eliminating those substances completely at once is difficult. If you can’t do that, at least try to decrease the amount little by little. Eventually, you will eliminate most of them and in the end, all of them.

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Get Rid of All Processed Food

The processed food includes white flour, junk food, and cooked food. This will be difficult, especially for the cooked food. Therefore, instead of eliminating, you can reduce the amount of cooked food. Spare 10% of the food you eat for cooked food will be enough to provide you with more nutrients.

Eliminate Red Meats

Eliminating red meats from your daily diet will also help to improve your skin health. Instead, you can eat fish, chicken, or turkey as the replacement. Again, if you can’t eliminate all red meats from your diet, you can try to reduce them little by little until you eliminate all of them.

Increase Live Food

If it’s possible, try to eat live food more. As for the example, you can use raw honey, raisins, and dates instead of white sugar. You can also use whole grain instead of white flour.

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